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You HAVE what it takes to exceed your fitness goals. Let us help you go the extra MYLE.

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We Are the Most Effective Fitness Program in Jenks and Surrounding Areas

We sit down with each person and customize a fitness and meal plan that guarantees your success

We Offer a Wide Range of Personal Training Experiences

We have o1-on-1 personal training, small group classes, and training for athletes to increase strength, speed, and more

We Are a Transformation Program Not a Workout

Our program is designed to transform all aspects of your body AND your mind to ensure success

Our Workouts Never Get Boring

We incorporate a wide variety of methods and provide a custom plan each time to make sure you never get stagnant

Extra MYLE Vs. Typical trainer:

So many times people will go to a gym but not know what exercise is best to help them with their specific goals. Our trainers sit down with you to go over goals and customize a plan for your needs, your body type, and what you are realistically going to be able to do each time.


Extra MYLE Meal Planning and Prep Guide

When you try us for only $1, we are going to make sure that you are successful in your eating habits and workouts

The Extra MYLE Meal Planning and Prep Guide includes:

  • List of specific food items to buy
  • How to prepare food the healthy way
  • Which foods are bad for you
  • How much food you should be eating
  • & much more

1 Month for $1
Total Body Transformation

Get your mind right and your nutrition on point with the powerful triad of mindset, nutrition, and fitness today.