Best Jenks gym| do you need a personal trainer?

Do you need a personal trainer? Well, Extra Myle Fitness offers some of the most talented and caring personal trainers around. And it goes without saying that the best Jenks gym best personal trainers will also have the best training equipment. We have everything you need whenever it comes to toning your body and losing that unwanted weight. And for just one dollar for your first months today and get started on your fitness goals. Won’t be a will find another amazing deal like that anywhere else in Jenks.

Our mission is to help people like you lose weight achieve their desired look in a short amount of time and as easily as possible. We saw needs for people to be able to achieve their weight loss goals and we noticed that other gyms just weren’t cutting it. So that’s why we opened Extra Myle Fitness to try to make your dreams a reality. With our personalized training, you’ll be able to reach that desired weight and fit into your swimming suit this summer.

Our fitness programs are proven to be effective and enjoyable for our members. That is another reason why we are considered the best Jenks gym. We have multiple programs for your specific needs. If you’re a little shy and want to work out with the group of close friends and still get some one-on-one time with a personal trainer can join a small group program. And if you’re looking to get personalized athletic training we offer some of the best athletic programs available. You’ll be in shape for the game in no time! And if you would rather have that more traditional one-on-one training with the coach then we got you covered there to. One thing we offer that most gyms do not is our meal planning service. With our customized meal planning, you’ll be able to plan out your meals and eat healthier without fear of eating too much. Will teach you which types of foods are good and will boost your immune system, provide you with energy, healthy fats, and carbs to help you build those muscles.

We can assure you that you will always be able to reach your fitness goals. We have hundreds of members that we have been able to help lose the weight they were wanting to get rid of. We place on our website especially dedicated to our members and their success to. Take Teresa for example, she has been doing our weight loss program is already lost 12 pounds and overall, her body fat is gone down by over 24%! She goes on to say that even though all the hard work and changes in diet, she does not feel so she’s depriving herself of anything that she enjoys in her life. She’s not the only one feels we are the best Jenks gym, you can check out our other testimonials that will say the same thing.

Extra Myle Fitness will go to any lengths to make sure you feel comfortable and that you meet your fitness goals in a quick amount of time. We encourage you to go to our website so you can learn more about what it is we do. Make sure to leave your contact info so that we can talk with you about our exceptional weight loss programs and personal trainers. We want to be your gym so that we can help you go the extra mile.

Best Jenks gym | do you need wellness and nutrition coaching?

Do you need wellness and nutrition coaching? If that’s true then you’ve come to the right place, my friend. Extra mile fitness has all of your fitness needs covered and much much more. We don’t just view you as customers, whenever you join our Jim you become a part of the family. Our personal trainers will do everything they can to make sure you meet your fitness goals in a timely manner without overworking you and causing you to stress. This is why we are considered best Jenks gym the whole Jenks area has to offer.

Our gym was founded whenever we saw that there was a common need by the people to lose weight. And whenever we realized that regular gyms weren’t meeting the needs of their customers in a timely fashion or without overcharging them. That is when we went hard to work to provide the best Jenks gym possible. Now we have a successful business helping people reach their fitness goals! And it’s all thanks to people like you. We’d really like you to join the family and if you sign up today you get your first months for only one dollar. That’s right, the whole month of personalized fitness training are professional trainers for just one dollar! We like to see if you can find any other gym that will be able to beat that kind of deal.

Now we would like to take the time to go over our fitness programs with you. They are one of the reasons why we have become the top best Jenks gym in the area. We offer several options whenever it comes to your training preference. Whether you want some one-on-one time with one of our coaches or rather you be more comfortable working in a group of friends do both with our will personalized training experiences. And if you’re an athlete that needs something that’s a little more amped up than just the one-on-one or group training we have athletic training services as well. We can guarantee that we will raise your stamina and endurance as well as increase your muscle mass and strength. There’s no better way to repair yourself for whichever sport that you play.

We have so many do not believe it! Our members just love being able to meet and socialize with our members at the gym and getting to know our personal trainers, as well as getting to meet with them on a weekly basis. With our fitness programs our coaches will work with you at your pace and every day they tried to push you to still a little bit further than the day before gets where you need to go. One of our members, Sally, took part in one of our three-month challenges. She states that she’s never been so happy in her life and she feels the healthiest that she has in a long time. And after three short months from 28% body fat to 19% and lost just over 10 pounds! She states that it is beginning to catch people’s attention as they are noticing her weight loss. Because of our personal trainers and fitness training, she has been able to reach her goal and looked the way she’s always wanted to look. The

We hope that you will consider joining our family at Extra Myle Fitness, we would be so happy to have you! If you’re interested in joining up, go ahead and get visit our website and leave your contact information so that we can get in contact with you about joining our gym for one dollar for your first months. We look forward to seeing you and can’t wait to help you reach all of your fitness goals.