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Extra MYLE Fitness will show you why we are consider the best Jenks gym by providing you with a wide range of services to help out any health or fitness need or goal that you have. We strive to help encourage our customers on their fitness journey and to help make it one that is enjoyable and simple. We provide group fitness classes, personal one-on-one training, meal planning and prep, and even athletic training to fit your needs. It will be evidence by our exceptional service that this is the right place for you and it is the best place.

What makes us stand out from other gyms and proves that we are the best Jenks gym is that we don’t come up with a long list of workouts for customers to follow to try to reach their fitness goals. Instead we have developed a transformation program for customers to go by that fits their exact needs to help them get the best results possible. We know how difficult it can be to start up your fitness journey or for you to get back on track whenever you have stopped for an extended period of time. However our staff and trainers are ready to help you get back to feeling the healthiest that you ever half.

Of course from the best Jenks gym you expect to get personal training another source of specialized training. In addition to our one-on-one personal training for customers we offer athletic training for any athletes who are wanting to get the best out of their ability, or to just improve on they already develop skills. We also offer many group fitness classes such as investment classes to help promote a community of support while new or seasoned customers are going through their fitness journey.

Extra MYLE Fitness does not follow the plan that a lot of other gyms go by whenever it comes to creating a fitness plan for customers to follow. We take the time and effort that is required to really get to know our customers and to understand what their goals are to develop a plan that is plausible and reachable. It is from this personalized plan that our customers needs are best accommodated and that they will see the greatest results. Our staff knows that it is very important for customers to have a customized plan that fits their individual and unique bodies and needs.

If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over with no results, feeling like your personal trainer in the gym that you visit doesn’t care about you on an individual level, or are ready to try something new, we encourage you to come visit us check our website at Our trainers an amazing staff are ready to show you exceptional service provided by us to help you reach your goals.

Best Jenks Gym | gyms with a personalized experience

If you are like many people looking for the best Jenks gym but are having a tough time deciding which one fits your needs best and try checking out Extra MYLE Fitness. We want to show you why we are the best place for you and all the many services that we can offer you to help you reach your fitness goals. We offer our customers a transformation program to help with their training to fit their exact needs. Another thing that is made available through Extra MYLE Fitness is our meal planning and prep to ensure that your body gets the proper nature is and that he needs.

Many gyms of the surrounding area care about one thing, their membership and how many members that they can get to come. However at Extra MYLE Fitness we truly do care about you and we try our best to create personalized experience to show you this. Instead of offering you a long list of workouts or simple workout template to follow, we create a transformation program that is dedicated just for you. You will not find duplicate business plans offered to any two of our customers. This is how we prove that we are the best Jenks gym.

Do you want the best Jenks gym for personal training, group fitness classes, athlete training, and meal planning and prep? All these things you will find at Extra MYLE Fitness. Our staff and trainers will offer you the best one-on-one personal training, a wide variety group fitness classes including Zumba and spend classes, and athlete training to give any of our athletes the upper edge and improves abilities to be better than the competition. We can also help you to ensure that you are getting the proper and best nutrition for your body with our meal plans and prep.

Are you tired of being treated like one of the sheep of the flock, like a mindless drone that just comes and goes but isn’t quite sure what they are doing what you wish to find a gym that offers you a customized unique experience look no further than Extra MYLE Fitness. Our amazing staff and trainers put in the extra time that it takes to get to know our customers so that the plans that we come up with for them accommodates best to meet their needs and to help them reach their goals. We all know that we are individuals and that our bodies are unique and have Pacific and exact requirements. Is out of this nature that we create custom plans for all of our customers so that their fitness and health goals are obtainable.

Go to our website at to see all the many services that we can offer you and to read the reviews that our customers have left that speak greatly on our efforts. We look forward to helping you become a healthier version of yourself and reaching all of your goals.