Best personal trainers in Jenks | have you been looking for a great gym thats afordable?

Have you been looking for a great gym thats afordable? We understand your skepticism whenever it comes to trying a new gym. But we can guarantee you that our gym, Extra Myle Fitness, is not like any others! We have the best personal trainers in Jenks and some of the best equipment you could ask for in a gym! And if you sign up now you can get your first month of personalized fitness training for only one dollar, that’s right just one dollar!

We have some world star amenities that are included in our gym that you can’t find anywhere else. We have many different options for losing weight or gaining muscle mass. Whether you like cardio or lifting weights or in training we have it all here at Extra Myle Fitness. And there’s a reason why our coach is are considered the best personal trainers in Jenks. They take their time whenever it comes to your personal fitness goals. They help you set goals that you can realistically reach. And they are there every step of the way to cheer you on and motivate you to become a better version of yourself

We don’t only have the best trainers thinks there are many other factors that play into making us the best gin in town. Such as our amazing fitness programs that go hand in hand with having the best coaches. We have programs to suit the style of each of our members. So if you want personal one-on-one time with one of our coaches we can provide that for you! We know getting to the gym can be hard for some if you’re doing it by yourself so that’s why we also offer small group classes trains by one of our professionals. We keep the classes large enough so you can bring a group of your friends to come and work out with you, but small enough so that each of you will get personalized training is designed to fit your specific fitness needs. And one thing we offer that most gyms do not is our customized meal planning. We hope our members plan out their meals and teach them which types of food are healthy and energy-boosting versus which ones are bad and should be avoided. We have all of this and more, so come and check us out.

Don’t just take our word for it we have many testimonials from satisfied members on our website where you can view our many testimonials of our satisfied members. For example, Nancy has been with us for three months. She’s taken advantage of our food and menu planning program. And 30 days of eating healthy clean foods is made her feel a notable difference and is brought more energy to her everyday life. Before she was eating all kinds of sweets and comfort and trying to work out and not getting the results he wanted but after using our meal planning she was able to slim down and feel her best!

There are many reasons why you should join Extra Myle Fitness, and we could talk with you all day about the reasons why you should join. But, it would be more beneficial for you just to come and check us out at our website and leave your phone and email address and get in contact with you personally to help you get you started on your personalized fitness training!

Best personal trainers in Jenks | have you been trying to find a gym that actually cares?

Have you been trying to find a gym that actually cares will look no further than Extra Myle Fitness! We have some of the best personal trainers in Jenks as well as some of the best equipment in town. We went you to be a part of our fitness family and you can do just that for one dollar during our limited-time special. That’s right just one dollar you will get your first month of personalized fitness professionals who care.

We pride ourselves on having the best personal trainers in Jenks and the surrounding area. You will not find any better personal training from any other gym guaranteed. Our personal trainers only succeed if you succeed in there with you every step of the way to make sure you do so. They help you set up realistic goals and will not pressure you or intimidate you, they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. We have many options for exercising every region of your body! You can shed those last few pounds of fat that you been trying to lose for all these years with the use of our equipment and from the help of our personal trainers.

Not only do we have the best personal trainers in Jenks but we also couple their explosive energy and personal commitment with our guaranteed to work fitness programs. We have several fitness programs that we know you will enjoy. We have everything from athletic training for the big game to personal one-on-one training with one of our professional personal trainers. We also have group programs for those who don’t want to be alone or would rather have their friends with them. Whatever motivates you and makes you feel most comfortable Extra Myle Fitness incorporate that into your every day work out. And if you’re short on time and don’t have hours to spend at the gym grinding out on those machines, we have 45-minute workout sessions with our personal trainers.

We have many satisfied customers who have been able to meet their fitness goals or are on track to meet them. Take one of our members, Kirsten for example. She is already starting to achieve success in starting a fitness program. She is lost about 10 pounds since she is started. And reduce her total body fat percentage by about 5%. Never in her life did she think that old fashion exercising and dieting would have so much impact on her weight loss journey. And it’s all because of her hard work, personal fitness trainers, and of course our fitness programs.

We can make this article 10 pages long going over all of the details included in our gym. But to save you time and to fully realize the scope of what we can do here at Extra Myle Fitness we are, on down to our location in Jenks or visit our website at Please make sure you leave your phone number and email so that we can get in contact with you about our incredible services. And don’t wait too long because our deal for one dollar for your first month won’t last forever. So hurry on in!