We can’t wait to work with you at gyms in Jenks. We are simply the best in the area. Our trainers are unlike any other. We want to work with you in accomplishing your goals. We believe that your health matters. We believe that fitness mental health go hand in hand. So often when you are being in the gym, your sweating and releasing endorphins, you’ll feel like stress has been released from your body. Those chemicals produce feelings of happiness, and peace in your body. So often we live a stress filled life. That is why it is important to work out. It is important to move your body and express your strength in a way that God created you to be. Whether you want to cut weight, build muscle, or increase your cardio levels, we want to work with you in achieving your fitness goals.

We are simply the best gyms in Jenks. Whether you’re an athlete, want to work out one on with the trainer, or preferred group classes, we have the program for you. We can’t wait to help you accomplish your goals. We want to see you thrive. We want to see your best physical days ahead. If you are not pleased with how you look in the mirror and you want to change you want to build muscle, lose weight, or get some expert advice on how to improve your diet then let us help you. Our team of trainers can’t wait to work with you. Food is so important prop. Food is fuel. And when we feed our bodies for food, it is often experience that we feel less energetic and lethargic. That is why good food is good fuel.

We want to work with you in all areas of life. And we see that our Jim is among the best gyms in Jenks. With no matter what your physical goals are, we want to help you achieve them. Working out and being fit is an essential part of mental health. It’s an overall important aspect of life that many people forget. Being physically fit and active is important because Chris is your lifespan, and will feel better about yourself. Just think everybody in prison mental health because you’re able to release stress, and build stamina. The discipline of going to the gym is similar to other disciplines. Let the student understand that discipline in your studies is important we want to help you build that discipline.

At Extra Myle Fitness we pride ourselves on being able to work with you no matter where you are. We want to work with you in achieving all your fitness goals. It’s our pride and joy to get you there. Through hard work we understand that is possible. At Extra Myle Fitness we believe all things are possible. With all things comes discipline, struggles, and difficulties. We want to see you move and accomplish your goals. We are pleased with her excellent trainers. Our trainers are simply the best. Where the most knowledgeable, and committed to your physical fitness than anyone else. We cannot wait to train with you estimation point

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Who Do You Need From Gyms in Jenks?


You need of a gym? Look no other in one of the best gyms in jenks. Our team of excellent trainers are more than willing to work with you and accomplish all your fitness goals. Whether fat, build muscle, our trainers can work with you in meeting all of your goals. Our trainers know exactly what to do. We’re discipline everything and our excellence is unlike any other. Our facilities are always clean and we pride ourselves on the excellence of our gym. Looking for a clean facility, then come to our Jim. Extra Myle Fitness is a wonderful gym with amazing staff.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one training, group classes, or athletic training, we can help you. We want to build in you a new perspective on health and fitness. We understand the health and fitness is an essential part to experiencing a good life. When you are active, and you have the discipline of working out, your mental health improves. When you work out you end up relieving stress, anxiety, and you experience a greater sense of peace. You are discipline and working out and going to the gym, you are experiencing a more satisfied outlook on life. You are able to type how you look in the mirror. And good food. We are simply the best gyms in Jenks.

You we simply amazed at how clean spacious our facilities are at Extra Myle Fitness, we pride ourselves on being able to meet all of your goals. No matter what they are. We want to work with you in achieving them. We have a great selection of machines, a huge area for free weights, and even more. If you look even an athlete, our trainers can work with you in improving your athletic skills. We want you to be at the top of your game and love the fact that you look great. There is no other Jim then like extra mile. We are simply the best gyms in Jenks. We promise your best days are ahead. You’ll love the way you look and we work with you in creating the best routine for you.

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