Are you looking for any Gyms In Jenks ‘s so we think that the Extra Myle is right for you. A little bit about us here is we found it extra mile for reason because we believe that everybody needs to go that extra mile here, we are prepared to help you train and reach your goals. Compared to do whatever it takes to achieve your body, from making a specific workout for you only, to working out 1 on 1 with you they want to get a better understanding on how your body works and what we needs to get approved. There were going to listen to you to meet your fitness desires help in every aspect that we can’t. Now we’re offering for you to come with us for one month for just a dollar, so take this offer for one and let us help you.

Here at extra myle where not like any other Gyms In Jenks, here were going to train with you one on one because we know some people struggle with other people around so this sounds like you this program will definitely help you a lot. With this program are trainers will set up a specific plan and training for each time that you come in to work out. Our trainers are highly skilled to help you and get one step closer to your dream body. Here’s an experience a total body transformation like no other, so we want you to put all your hard effort so you can push through all the workouts.

No other Gym In Jenks has quality planning that we do in our small group classes here at extra mile believe that everybody should have fun when working out. So for those who think they don’t want to be around to many people, then a small group class before you, here you are surely to make friends that are all pushing to reach their goals. Here in our small group classes we make sure to keep these classes small therefore we can track everybody’s progress and see where they need help.

And for all my athletes out there that need help training you have a specific program for you called athletic training, your trainers will help you gain strength, speed and develop new skills that you might be lacking, here we are ready to take your training to the next level,we have confidence that we are able to help you every aspect of your training. There were also here to push you harder than any other gym.

And for those who are worried about the meal planning here at extra mile we help so we will help you customize your Gyms In Jenks plan to help with your groth and desires. When you leave our building we want you to feel great about yourself to have more confedence knowing that you could do anything. So if you’re ready to go that extra mile please visit our website at to sing up today or contact us through our website.

What Gyms In Jenks Will Be Awesome?


For those who are looking to lose weight, or gain any weight muscle can’t seem to find any Gyms In Jenks then you should try extra myle. Here at extra mile were the most effective program in the Jenks area and outside the area the reason is we like to sit down with our customers to talk about their desires and goals with this to guarantee for them to reach their fitness goals. Here will set you up on any types of programs that are beneficial to you, here we want to be successful for you to have a total body transformation. We will hit every aspect of your training and keep pushing you to be your best.

Why is quality the standard at extra mile than any other Gyms In Jenks, because here we are willing to build a bond with you because for us to succeed we need you to succeed, our top priority here is to gain your trust in us that we are able to help achieve any goals in your health, here we want the absolute best for you and your health, for going to help you push through anything not just physically but mentally again we are here for every aspect of your life we want to see the results of changing your life around, so to do that were going to situate with the best gym equipment, best trainers in the Jenks area.

One thing that makes us unique from any other Gyms In Jenks is our one on one training this will allow you to focus more in the gym without any distractions and the biggest plus about all this is a trainer is going to read you talk to is such a well for the best workout plan and meal prep, all of this is for you to not guarantee success, always look for new ways to help you, so if you think this is for you that you might need one-to-one training sign up for this program.

The reason why you should trust an extra mile this amount of testimonials and success stories that we have, here at extra mile were ready to help you turn your life around. It will show you proper forming workouts that work for you or any other aspect that you want to work on. Here we can help you lose your way or if you’re looking to gain muscle weight could do that will show you different cardio workouts and any weight included workouts. We had top workout professionals to help guide to the gym don’t be scared to ask any questions that you may have were here with open arms for everybody struggling or thst need a little bit of help.

So please don’t look any further trust in us that we are the best gym in jenks. So if you want any further details on different programs or you just might have any questions or concerns please visit us at our website at from there you can contact us to.