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Are you looking for gyms in Jenks that are able to cater to each one of your needs? Are you tired of jumping around from one gym to the next, and are looking for a gym that will offer a promo for the first month? You will find at Extra MYLE Fitness that we offer variety of services to help you manage your fitness goals. Whether you are looking for one-on-one training, group classes, or are an athlete looking to expand on your training will be the place that is best able to help you. We also offer meal planning and prep to ensure that you are able to get the best results possible.

One of the great things about Extra MYLE Fitness is that we are a gyms in Jenks that offers the first month for our customers at one dollar. This helps our customers and members to be able to get acquainted with our facilities and understand the services offered by our excellent staff. You are able to get exceptional training and a plan to fit your exact needs at a reasonable price. Many other big-name gyms are going to charge you tens if not hundreds of dollars just for their advice on what you should do to meet your fitness and health goals regardless of if you’re just starting out or have been a member for a while.

There are other gyms in Jenks that offer one-on-one personal training classes, but how many others offer athlete in athletic training? You’ll find that the professional staff at Extra MYLE Fitness offer you amazing service, but will help you to deliver the results that you looking for to meet your exact health and fitness goals. We will provide you with one-on-one personal training and meal prep and planning to ensure that you get the best results possible and that you are receiving the best training possible. However we also offer group classes and athlete training to meet individual specific needs for those who prefer to work out and a group setting or for athletes were looking to close her game to another level.

The trainers an amazing staff at Extra MYLE Fitness create plans that are made to fit your exact needs. We understand that the way that your body reacts to weight your body adapts to change is going to be quite different from everybody else. This is why we take upon ourselves to come up with customize and personalize training methods and plans to fit you and ensure that you meet your fitness goals. You will find a unique experience at Extra MYLE Fitness because we are not your standard gym where you can work out, we provide you with a translation program.

If you’re tired of looking around for a gym to me your exact needs accommodate to help you reach your goals, then check out Extra MYLE Fitness. We are offering our customers the first month for one dollar so they can see all the amazing services that we provide to help them to make their fitness and health goals possible. Go to our website at to see opportunity available to you.

Gyms in Jenks | gyms with group classes

Need to find a gyms in Jenks offers group classes to help you feel more comfortable or to just keep you on track to reaching your fitness and health goals? Do you prefer to work on a group setting versus working out individually or through one-on-one training? You’ll find that there’s a variety of services offered by Extra MYLE Fitness to help accommodate to each one of your needs. Our office staff is ready to help you come up with a plan of attack to turn your goals into a reality.

If you are looking for gyms in Jenks to provide you with a place to come and work out and enjoy group classes as a part of your fitness regiment then look no further than Extra MYLE Fitness. We help our customers to feel the most comfortable that they can in a workout setting while also accommodating and meeting each of their needs. Available to you are Zumba classes, spin classes, or other forms of group fitness classes and training. We know how important and how fun it can be to have a close knit community of similar individuals on your fitness journey.

Our customers will find an addition to the group classes and group fitness sessions that we offer, we provide one-on-one personal training to help develop a plan that is customized to help you reach your fitness goals, and we also provide athlete training. Our trainers an excellent staff are here to do everything that we can to ensure that you have the tools and knowledge to obtain any health fitness goal that you dream of. Whether you are needing help to you come up with a customized meal plan to reach those goals or your tacitly looking for a training plan to help you reach that next level. You’ll find that our training helps make all the streams possible.

At Extra MYLE Fitness we are not like many other gyms in Jenks. We provide our customers with a transformation program, not a workout, to help them on their fitness journey. We understand that you need a personalized plan to fit your exact needs and not some simple template that’s offered to everyone else. This is why our trainers work diligently to provide you with the customize and unique plan of attack for you to reach your fitness goals. We will even develop mill prep and planning to ensure that you are able to find the results that you want.

Are you ready to try something different, are you ready to follow a transformation program that will help you to turn all of your fitness goals and dreams into reality? Check out our website at to see all the many services that would make available to you and how we are different from other gyms. Our wonderful staff and trainers looking for to helping you get the body get into the health you’ve always dreamed of.