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Extra MYLE Fitness was founded for an alternative to other gyms in Jenks in the Tulsa area because we saw in the. Solid people needed a place with the extra mile for each client by making sure that every single aspect of the fitness plan was customized. We can help in every area for mindset, mill prep, planning, and customize fitness plans for you. We take into account what your goals are for your fitness and then we can custom tailor every single aspect of the program for each person. Anybody can get started with Extra MYLE Fitness, we have the best no-brainer around, and our prices are competitive from all the other major fitness programs in the area.

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Gyms In Jenks | How Does The Service Stack Up To The Top Competitors?

If you make some New Year’s resolutions and you’re still looking for some gyms in Jenks, to get in touch with Extra MYLE Fitness. Extra MYLE Fitness is a unique training program that works for you. Extra MYLE Fitness is not just your average passive gym experience. You don’t just your yearly dues in your monthly premiums come in to work out to the best of your knowledge and ability in then leave. Extra MYLE Fitness is a proactive, personal experience in which you will get guided help, that’s customized gives you one-on-one training sessions in addition to various other benefits.

So if you’ve tried the other gyms in Jenks, and they’re just not working out for you, they get in touch with Extra MYLE Fitness. You can always log on to our website at extramylefitness.com and check out what was all about. You can see from our website that we offer a variety of benefits and services that the majority of gyms just don’t. Extra MYLE Fitness we give you nutrition and wellness coaching, we customize your fitness plan to your level, we also customize your workouts around injuries, we provide 45-minute training sessions, will also give you feedback with technique coaching and feedback on the spot, we have varying workouts for you to participate in, and you get unlimited workouts at no extra cost.

We are like the other gyms in Jenks in the Tulsa area, in addition to all these wonderful benefits you get with Extra MYLE Fitness, you also can feel good about the fact that there are no registration fees, we guarantee results, and we also offer a scholarship program to help make it affordable for everyone in addition to the competitive rates that we already offer with the other training programs in Tulsa and Jenks.

Extra MYLE Fitness offers the option for people who are getting into fitness and a fitness routine for the first time, or even for people have been working out for years but was still consider themselves experts in need a little bit of help in figuring out what exactly they should do what exactly they should be. The founders Extra MYLE Fitness so he, place them with the extra mile for each client by making sure every aspect is customized, helping with their clients that they should, to the threat at diet and nutrition, customized plan for them so they know exactly what to do.

If you feel like Extra MYLE Fitness is exactly what you need help you reach your goals in 2020, the log on to our website at extramylefitness.com and felt your basic contact information and a brief message, I we back to you soon as possible get your journey to fitness and your health goals. He can also view some of our previous client’s results and testimonials and see what we offer specifically for pricing, one-on-one personal training a small group classes as well.