Jenks fitness | are you looking to get a guaranteed result in a short amount of time?

Are you looking to get a guaranteed result in a short amount of time? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because Extra Myle Fitness does just that. With a combination of all the different services that we provide we guarantee you you’ll start seeing results faster than you ever expected. And you can get started faster than you expected as well because we have no registration fees and for a limited time your first month is only one dollar. Finding the right Jenks fitness gym has never been so easy, so don’t wait before the offer is up to the give us a call or come down to our location on Riverwalk to get signed up today.

We founded our gym to help people like you. We notice that there were a lot of people unhappy with their weight but couldn’t find a Jenks fitness gym that would cater to their individual needs. That is why we founded Extra Myle Fitness. We are dedicated to customizing every single member’s fitness plan exactly to their needs. We cater to all types of people they are small. And if you have a disability or an injury but still are looking to increase your muscle mass or lose weight we will work around your injury so that you can get the optimal performance and results that you are looking for.

We have the best Jenks fitness programs that you could ever ask for. Our personal trainers are the nicest in town they stick with you the whole way make it your new reach your goals and motivates you so that you can do it quickly. We have several different options when it comes to fitness programs. If you’d rather work alone with a personal trainer or in a group with a personal trainer we can do both those things for you. And if you’re an athlete looking to up your game we have just the thing for you. With our athletic fitness program, you can increase your speed stamina and strength as our specialists’ train you to become a better athlete. And another amenity that we provide for all of our members is the food plan. We will teach our members how to prepare food that is healthy and nutritional. Both teach them what types of foods are good for building muscle and keeping your energies up throughout your workday. All of this and more is included in your membership so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Many of her members of been amazed by the results they’re seeing by sticking with the programs and using the amenities our gym provides. Not only are they amazed by the results but they are also being educated about their bodies and how to keep them healthy. One of our members, Yvette, states that she has lost 12 pounds and 4.8% of her body fat. She goes on to say that since joining Extra Myle Fitness she learned about body fat percentages whereas before she joined she did not know where hers was at. She is able to take the knowledge that she learned through the food and nutrition coaching and apply it to her with to her family at home. She says that it showed her what kind of foods she was feeding her daughter, and now she is able to turn it around and provide healthy nutritious food for her family.

Really hope that you are interested in our services that we provide and that you will visit our website and leave your contact information so that we can call or email you about the opportunities we have for you here at Extra Myle Fitness. We look forward to seeing you and helping you on your path to reaching your body fitness goals.

Jenks fitness | have you always wanted to find a gym where you can work out with your friends but still get quality training from a personal assistant?

Have you always wanted to find a gym where you can work out with your friends but still get quality training from a personal assistant? Well, now you can get the best Jenks fitness you have ever received while doing just that. That’s right at Extra Myle Fitness we cater to your every need. And not only do we make your fitness dreams come true we make it affordable for you as well. We have several opportunities you can take advantage of number one being our limited time sign up of one dollar for your first month of personalized fitness care. And you’ll be glad to know that there are no registration fees and if you’re struggling financially we have scholarships available!

Customization is the name of our game, our mission is to personally customize a fitness goal and plan of execution for every member of our gym. And that is why we founded Extra Myle Fitness is because we saw a lack of customized workout programs in the community of Jenks fitness. Our personal trainers will work with you to ensure that you reach your fitness goals. Our trainers are the very best around, they are super nice and very motivational. They don’t set goals for you that are impossible to reach because they take the time to get to know every one of our members and no what type of plan will work for each individual.

We have an array of Jenks fitness programs for our members to choose from. And depending on what type of fitness plan and they choose for themselves we have several options where they can either choose to work one-on-one with a personal trainer or they can work with a small group of people. When working with one of our small group fitness programs we keep the group small enough so that each member get the same amount of attention from purse the trainer as they would in a one-on-one session. The perk from working with a small group is that you can make friends or have your friends work out with you in a fun and interactive way. So really it’s the best of both worlds. We also have other options as well especially for athletes if they want to join our athletic program. And our coaches also work closely with our members to provide a customized meal plan to maximize our member’s results.

After talking about some of the services we provide we hope we have piqued your interest and that you will get in contact with us at our website If you go up to the contacts tab you’ll be able to leave your name, phone number, and email, and then will be able to get in contact you to move four to the next step of getting you closer to your fitness goals. We look forward to seeing you!