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We take our Jenks Fitness very seriously and we are dedicated to making sure that every program fits a specific need for that person. The extra mile was founded because we saw a need for a place that goes the extra mile for each client. We help in every single area from mindset to meal prep to planning and customize fitness plans for your body. We listen to you and your goals and make sure that we have calculated a design fitness plan for your body and we are excited to help you get started

Our Jenks Fitness programs take you above and beyond the normal gym experience with our one on one personal training you will have specific and unique plans each and every time you come for your work out looking for more of an extroverted class our small group classes give you a titan community of from striving together and their fitness goals. Having someone to keep you accountable is something that we believe is important for everyone whether it is a family member or a personal trainer or someone in your group you can be sure that you will have everything you need to succeed our athletic training also offers the athlete in you to gain strength, speed, and skills that you can take to the next level in your game

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Jenks Fitness I Try Us For Only A Dollar

We are dedicated to being the Jenks Fitness and forth that we are offering a new training program that lets you try us for a month for only a dollar. We are extremely confident that when you try us for one month, you will be so excited to continue your journey. Why otherwise would we all such an exclusive, an amazing deal to all of our customers if we weren’t certain that you would be satisfied we were founded because we saw a need for a place that went the extra mile for each client and we are excited to be able to offer this to everyone who is excited to continue or start their gym journey

Here in extra mile, Jenks Fitness we offer something for everyone whether you are looking for a one on one training or wanting a small group of people to join with, and become friends we have something for everyone looking for something a little bit more extreme, drier, athletic training this is for your athletes that want to gain and strength, speed, and skill to take you to the next level in your sports programs. We have something for everyone and we are excited to be able to provide that for everybody. I just one dollar for your first month. It’s easier than ever to put your life back in your hands.

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