Your desired results are just a call or website check away with Jenks fitness. Extra mile fitness is located in Jenks Oklahoma where people are coming to go the extra mile to really receive personal attention for their personal training as well as athletic training customized meal plan and one-on-one personal training and small group classes. This step may place you want to go to meet your needs and also exceed your expectations for losing weight as well as gaining muscle.

Jenks fitness we pride ourselves and always offering the highest plans of both customized planning and not just a one-size-fits-all plan we know everybody’s different everybody has a different way of doing things everybody meets their goals had a different stages so we want to make sure they were doing so for every single person that chooses to have a membership with us. Also your first month with us for only be one dollar this is for you to be able to see how we can actually give you the best transformation possible both with your mindset your nutrition and your fitness.

So if you will have a certain goal in mind and you’re not baby on the big box stores where you know they charge you a monthly fee but they also charge you again for personal training but they never really give you that customized plane they just when you work out and let you go eat a cheeseburger afterwards than they are deathly not the trainer or the fitness gym for you. Also a lot of big-box jams actually get you into a contract where if you want to cancel your accident have to pay $100-$200 just to cancel. We do not want to get you in that spot we just want you to be able to stay as long as you want.

So choose extra mile fitness and made people choose us for reason to see the results that people are getting to see the results in the customization that trainers get as well as every single staff from the front office that want to greet you at when you walk in the door. That’s the most important thing to us is always providing customer service to where you’re always greeted with a smile and your always greeted by someone who has knows exactly what they’re talking about when it comes to diet and exercise.

Jenks fitness. There’s no one better to be able to take advantage of your weight loss goals and make sure that you’re doing etc. which need to be doing. We hold you accountable we encourage you and we motivate you to go through the entire process from beginning to end. We never want you to lose focus even if you do will get you right back on track. Generally do not hesitate this is something you do not want to wait on. Because you’re just can get fatter and fatter and vineyards and want to sit on the couch eating pizza and not do anything about your weight or your health.

Jenks Fitness | Your Most Inner Goals

Jenks fitness extra mile fitness wants to know and understand your most intervals which are looking to achieve not just within a month or week but within the future. It’s all about making sure you’re not just losing weight but also knowing how to keep it off. One of the hardest things that most people have to deal with is losing the weight but also packing on the pounds within a couple months because you’re not sticking to a mail plan specifically designed to help you maintain the weight that you the weight loss that you already achieved. The hardest part. Extra

Jenks fitness like us here in Jenks Obama we pride ourselves on just customizing a meal plan cater to you and not just you know you and five other people. We also keep our group classes small as well you get one-on-one personal training. Our usual training sessions usually last about 45 minutes of session. And what you’re getting with his coach or a trainer that knows exactly what they’re doing. It’s not just someone who walked up the street to get a job.

We want to make sure that we are well aware of what your goals are in keeping you motivated holding you accountable and encouraging you to meet those goals but also exceed those goals. One of our primary jobs here as personal trainers and just overall integrated staff members of this great Jim is making sure that we just not relying you to pay your bill but also you know reach out to you makes you doing great creature with a smile and always offer you the highest and most claim client clean gym to workout in.

They have state-of-the-art equipment as well as free weights treadmills standard bikes rowing machines and more. Check in on her website. The things that were offering as well as promotions that we have going on but also come to her gym to get a tour see what we’re all about and also take advantage of our one month and promotion that were doing right now we can get the first 30 days for only one dollar. This gives you a chance as a customer to be able to try us on. Kind of you know do a test drive. Do not let your weight or your health get so bad to where you actually lying in a hospital bed when you eventually when you easily could have gone to the gym or tractor personal training get you in your best health. Sonny take your health and your weight into your hands and do something about it.

Jenks fitness really does go the extra mile special it comes to running a successful jam in Jenks Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on always making sure they were evaluating their trainers and staff make sure that they’re running it at full speed to make sure that they’re giving you their best and greeting you with a smile as well as the best training and group fitness classes that you could ever ask for. Let’s get here most inner goals and help you achieve them.