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Are you involved in a for multiple sports and are wanting to perform better? Do you feel like you need to get stronger, faster, or further develop skills to make you a better athlete. Extra MYLE fitness just might be the Jenks gym for you to help you resolve any of these issues or to take care of any health and fitness concerns that you may have. We offer a wide variety of services including one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, and are athlete training.

You’ll find that with our athlete training we help promote better performance in athletics and sports. Our Jenks gym has trainers that will develop fitness and workout plans to help you develop your strength to get stronger, your speed to get faster, and your agility to make you more evasive. Our office staff will also be able to help you with explosiveness and a variety of drills to ensure that you are going to get the best production from this training.

Not only do we offer athlete training at our Jenks gym, but we also offer one-on-one personal training to advise you as to how to begin your fitness journey or if you have already begun how it can be improved and made simpler. You also find group fitness classes such as Zumba and spin classes and our meal planning and prep service that we offer to our customers to make sure that they are getting the best nutrition for the body to get the best results possible. Our goal is to make it convenient for you to address any health or fitness concern or questions that you may have.

Extra MYLE fitness understands how important it is for you to have a customized fitness plan that meets and addresses all of your specific health and fitness concerns. Our staffing trainers understand that you are a unique individual and that the way that your body adapts and changes in the way that you train must follow that individual nature. This is why we take the time to understand our customers and their needs so that we can create a personalized plan that accommodates them.

If you have any further questions or would like to get a better understanding about all the services that we offer to our customers to help address any fitness and health concerns or questions that they may have, check our website at We hope that the information in the reviews of our customers that you will see there helps you to choose us confidently. If for no other reason, we are offering your first month with us for one dollar, so what you have to lose.

Jenks Gym | gyms with custom plans

Do you feel like every time that you go to the gym that the personal trainer there is telling you the same thing over and over, which they have also told every other member? Are you looking for a Jenks gym that will help to accommodate to your exact needs? Extra MYLE fitness will offer you a variety of services that address any and all health and fitness questions and concerns that she may have. The strategy that we follow to help provide answers and solutions for customers we call our transformation program.

Extra MYLE fitness is the only Jenks gym that does offer a transformation program. What this means is that we do not follow a simple workout outline or offer our customers a tired list of workouts and exercises that they should do to get into shape. Rather we take the time to get to know our customers and understand their needs so that we may develop the plan that fits best for them. You’ll find that we offer exceptional service and that the results that you see from following our plan are life changing.

Our services at our Jenks gym include one-on-one personal training with our trainers, group fitness classes including spin classes and Zumba, and are athlete training program to help ensure better performance in sports. Our staff will get to know you and decide which one of these assessments to help address your health and fitness concerns. We also offer meal planning and prep so that you have a solid understanding about the nutrition that your body needs by knowing what foods to eat and what foods you should avoid.

Every person on this earth is a unique individual and the way their body functions and changes is unique to them as well. This is why the trainers and staff at Extra MYLE fitness take the time to understand your body and the concerns that you have so that whenever they develop a plan for you to follow it is customized to fit your needs. You will fill a unique and personalized experience by the exceptional service and attention to detail that is put forth by us. We understand how important it is for you to reach your goals to make sure that you are getting the best result possible.

Are you ready to start a transformation program with Extra MYLE fitness, or maybe you’re ready for a new experience and place that is much more than just a gin. We encourage you to visit our website at to see all the awesome things that our customers have to say about us. We hope to be your destination for physical and health solutions!