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Compared to other gyms, Extra MYLE Fitness offers the biggest bang for your buck. For a fixed monthly price, you will receive all the aforementioned amenities and more. Other gyms that might have cheaper per-month rates will not offer you everything you need to make actual change in your life. But the good news is that if our prices are too much for you to afford, we offer scholarship programs. We don’t want anyone to be unable to work with us if money is the only problem.

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Jenks Gym | How Can I Get the Results That I Need?

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for years, but I can’t find a program that will actually give me the results that I need. I seriously tried everything: dieting, exercise, gym memberships, everything. Why can’t I lose my weight?” Does this sound familiar? We all know at least one person who has had the struggle, if we are not that person ourselves. We’ve been told our lives that we need to eat right, stay healthy, exercise, and more. The problem is that nobody tells us how to actually do those things. So, with the best intentions in mind, we had off to a Jenks Gym and start working out. Or, at least, we try to start working out. The problem comes when we see a room full of equipment that we don’t understand or know how to use, and so we just end up at the elliptical every day. Eventually, we get bored, like it’s the way, and we give up the gym. Doesn’t seem to matter, though. What we were doing did not really create any results. That’s why we need help from a team of personal trainers that can give us the advice that we need specifically to take care of our bodies. That’s why we need Extra MYLE Fitness.

Extra MYLE Fitness is not like just any other Jenks Gym with a room full of equipment and no instructions. Extra MYLE Fitness is the kind of gym that is for staff that is ready and willing to help you achieve your goals. They understand that you are new to this and need help. That’s why, with any regular membership, you will get the assistance of a personal trainer who will help you create a personalized fitness plan with varying workouts that won’t get dull after three days. You also receive specialized eating plants that can help you understand what your personal dietary needs are. When you have Extra MYLE Fitness in your corner, you can rest assured that you have the tools needed to achieve personal fitness.

Take a look at extra miles success stories, and you will see list of people who are like those mentioned above. They had tried for years to achieve their fitness goals and never been able to succeed. But when they went to Extra MYLE Fitness, they finally received the push they needed. Now, when they look at themselves in the mirror, they are happy with what they see, and the scale is not their worst enemy any longer.

There is more good news! Extra MYLE Fitness offers your first month for only one dollar. That way, you can have the opportunity to get to know the staff and programming without any financial risk whatsoever.

Are you ready to get started and take advantage of that one-dollar first month? If so, visit our website,, and click on the Contact Us tab. Just fill out the form, and you can get into contact with the owners about starting your program today. You can really feel great about yourself when you decide to gym an incredible gym. The great news is can happen a lot sooner than later. Our team is all about helping you achieve fantastic results! We look forward to hearing from you!