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At Extra MYLE Fitness you will find that we are Jenks gyms that make a variety of services available to our customers. Whether you are looking for one-on-one personal training, group classes, or athlete looking to loose the way that you train to increase strength, speed, or other areas. Our trainers an amazing staff will help you to reach your health and fitness goals while making it fine. We also help to provide you with meal planning and prep that will help your body to get the best results possible.

We go the extra mile to make sure that we are a Jenks gyms that provides a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for customers. You will never feel as though the workouts are boring or that the way that you work out is a stagnant flat line. Our trainers will ensure that the workouts are upbeat and that you are enjoying the path that you have chosen. Even if you have chosen to purchase patent fitness classes and camps, 101 personal training or any of our other services, you will see that it is not have to be Monday and are boring, but an amazing experience.

Extra MYLE Fitness is the Jenks gyms that offers the most exceptional and amazing service. Our trainers will help you to reach the fitness and health goals that you’ve always wanted to through one-on-one training, the many group fitness classes that we have, or even through meal planning and prep. If there is something that you are interested in but we do not offer, we will still implement that strategy to ensure that you are getting the best results possible. Our goal through training and fitness is to help you to you look and feel the best possible, which is why we will continue to strive to provide excellence.

You won’t find any experience that matches what we have to offer at Extra MYLE Fitness. Our customers understand that we are not a place for them to just work out, but rather we offer a transformation program to fit and accommodate to their fitness and health needs. The training and mill plans that we come up with all of our customers are accustomed to fit their personalized specific goals. No two people are the same in the way of the work out the way their body reacts and changes is never the same either.

Visit our website at to see all of our reviews and testimonies left by our customers. We want to encourage you to come check us out if you are ready to get the best shape of your life while enjoying the ride.

Jenks Gyms | do you offer meal planning?

Jenks gyms and often times feel like a very boring and discouraging place for people to go. However you will find that at Extra MYLE Fitness we helped promotes fun while helping our customers on their fitness journey and to reach their goals. We will provide you with one-on-one personal training, a variety of group fitness classes, or even athlete training to help you to feel and look great. Our trainers and staff are also able to come up with meal planning and prep that helps fits your individual needs to help you on your journey.

We understand how many times you fail to reach her fitness and health goals because you may not be the right food or providing your body with proper form of nutrition. Extra MYLE Fitness is going to be the Jenks gyms to help you with all your meal and nutrition concerns to help you with your health and fitness goals. Our amazing trainers will develop exact meal planning and prep to help prepare food the healthy way, determine what foods are bad for you, and provide the proper portions of food that you should be eating. Yes we know that no planning and prepping can be tiresome, however, we want to make that experience enjoyable for customers and show them that the results are possible if they are willing to sacrifice a little.

Extra MYLE Fitness offers a variety of services to help out our customers with their fitness journeys. This Jenks gyms will provide you with every necessary tool to turn your help and fitness dreams into reality. Our trainers and also staff will help you with one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes such as Zumba and spin classes, and athlete training to help you get that extra edge in your support. We understand the importance of having good health and the benefits that come with it as well.

Maybe you are tired of cookie-cutter gems that offer the same advice and workout plans and training to each of their customers. You’ll find that at Extra MYLE Fitness we offer a unique and personalized experience to every single one of our customers. We do not provide duplicate plans for any of our customers, rather we come up with a customized plan that fits your exact needs to ensure you get the results that you are looking for. Our staff understands and respects your individuality and want to ensure that you are treated the same.

If you’re ready to try your first month at Extra MYLE Fitness for one dollar, or are ready to find a place that offers you a transformation program instead of a routine list of workouts then check out our website at Our trainers and wonderful staff are ready to help you you into the best shape of your life, so come by and stop in.