Jenks Gyms | personal training

Extra Myle Fitness is determined to read you the best personal training available at any Jenks Gyms. At our facility you are going to receive the most training options that are available. We offer smaller classes for those who choose not to work out alone. For those who want to work out completely alone we have program designed specifically for one on one personal training that are completely customized to you and your personal fitness level.

At Jenks Gyms Extra Myle Fitness is going to prove to you that we are going to be in the best and most customizable gym program you could hope to imagine. We have a wide variety of workout plan and method to suit any fitness level. We are going to be able to work in you are and help you shed all of those unwanted pounds. But fear not this is not going to be a drop the weight and put it back on program is going to be a complete lifestyle makeover. You are going to want to experience our phenomenal services where you will be able to lose the unwanted weight and keep it off.

We are focused on helping you get the most out of your help at Jenks Gyms. Therefore we are dedicated to providing you with the best and most customizable program that is on the market. We are not going to be one of those monster gyms where you walk in and you are terrified because the amount of people that have arrived. With a smaller specialized gym you are going to find that you are going to receive better customer service as well as the more one-on-one time and a personalized training with any of our personnel. We can handle training all levels of fitness whether you are an overweight mom trying to lose those the need, or toned athlete just trying to make sure that you can do that iron man that you have been training for, or you are just an older person trying to make sure you are healthy.

Most people are concerned about which plans are going to work best for them. You have nothing to worry about with us we are going to go over your fitness level with you and help you with a customized plan for your body type, and what your realistic goal is, as well is what you are physically and realistically going to be able to do during each session. We will push you but we will never push you to park. We will do our best to ensure that you do not get injured. Injuries hold you back from coming in and help set you back. This is not something we are interested in me want to make sure that you are not ever stagnating but the you are attaining your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

For as little as one dollar for your first month you can come in and experience all of our phenomenal training options. Visit us at to fill out the form and have us contact you to set up your very first month for only one dollar. If you act now you will get our customized meal program included with your first month.

Jenks Gyms | fitness on a budget

Extra Myle Fitness is going to be one of the most superb facility if you have ever had the opportunity to work out. Jenks Gyms do not. At our Jim offer nutrition and wellness coaching, the only other one who offers that is the YMCA. You are also going to be able to get customized training for your fitness level, you can also find that orange theory. And Pure Barre. None of the other facility will customize a workout around an injury, nor do they offer 45 minute training session. At our facility you will ensure you are getting Technique and correction pure barre offers this as well. You will be getting a results driven program specifically for you.

Our Jenks Gyms also offers a varying workout as does the YMCA Axiom and Crunch fitness. We have a scholarship program makes our gym affordable everyone no matter which financial level you are currently at you are going to be able to afford the after one dollar first month. No other gym is going to offer the type of discount. We also guarantee our results nobody else is going to do that for you.

There is no registration fee with our Jenks Gyms, orange theory Fitness, and pure barre also boast this. We also offer unlimited workout at no extra cost to you. So our prices are extraordinarily reasonable considering that we are the only one offer everything lifted above. Everyone else off offers one or two of these the but no one can say that they offer every service.

For a limited time you get a special bonus when you’re trying extra mile for only one dollar you get our extra mile meal planning and guide, with prep guide you will be taught how to prepare food in a healthy and nutritious fashion. You will also get a list of foods that are bad for you the EU should not be eating that means no more late-night runs the McDonald’s people. You also get a list of specific food items every week therefore there is no guess work when it comes to your grocery shopping. With these guy and you will be amazed at how much balanced diet is going to help you lose that unwanted weight or build that muscle that you have been working so hard on.

You are certainly not going to be disappointed with our success stories that we have available on our website we want to help you to the myle so be sure to our website to sign up for your first month for only one dollar make sure you go now. While you’re there read our amazing success stories. You will find that we have helped change people’s lives by going the extra myle. I can go on and on about the differences between us and every other gym in the area. The truth is you are going to need to come in and see for yourself how amazing we truly are and how much we are going to be able to help you.