Jenks personal training | do you need to lose weight fast?

Do you need to lose weight fast? Perhaps you’ve got a wedding dress you need to be able to fit in or maybe you’re just looking to slim down for the summer to look good in that swimsuit. Well, whatever it is Extra Myle Fitness can help you with any and all of your weight loss needs. With the best Jenks personal training from our personal trainers, we can get you where you need to go. And it’s never been easier to start gym as for a limited time your first month will only cost you one dollar. That’s right only one dollar for the body that you’ve been looking for!

Our mission to build a gym with best Jenks personal training started when we realize that other gyms weren’t getting the results that their members were hoping for. Most members don’t want to have to pay hundreds of dollars a month just to get some quality training, and we get that. That’s why we provide the best training service find in or around the Jenks area and for a portion of the cost that other gyms would charge. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service because we know how hard it is to stay dedicated to a gym and for those of you who are dedicated to sticking with the gym, you deserve the very best.

Jenks personal training is the name of our game whenever it comes to our personal trainers and fitness programs. We have many different options for different types of customers whether you are big small or already fit just looking to maintain that muscle mass, we have the program for each of you. We have of course the more traditional and personalized method of coaching which is one-on-one with your own personal fitness trainer. And if you’re looking to have some fun at the gym with your friends or family we also have small group fitness training where each person will still be able to get the individualized attention that they desire. If your in sports or just looking to maintain your physique we have a higher level of athletic training to increase your endurance, stamina, muscle mass and of course just overall health. Whatever it is you’re looking for Extra Myle Fitness is here to provide summation point

We understand that you may be skeptical of us rambling on about how good we are as a gym. However, we have hundreds of satisfied members will leave reviews and testimonies on how excellent their time here at Extra Myle Fitness has been. For example, one of our members Christel states that she is only been a member for two months and has already lost 24% of her body fat. She is gone with one of our fitness training programs and has taken advantage of the meal and food planning that we offer. She goes on to say that she loves playing around with healthy food creation and that she is never felt better in her life. You could be just like Cristel and achieve your fitness dreams within just a short time span.

We can guarantee that Extra Myle Fitness will be the gym for you. Once you join you’ll never want to leave because our results will be so amazing. If you are interested in signing up go take a look at our website and view all the services that we provide versus what other companies provide. You can leave your information in our contact tab so that we can contact you and get you signed up today. We look forward to seeing you!

Jenks personal training | do you need a workout customized to your fitness level?

Do you need to workout customized to your fitness level? If you are tired of joining gyms that don’t cater to your personal needs and move too fast or too slow for your fitness level. Then you will be relieved to hear that Extra Myle Fitness has the best Jenks personal training and will always cater to your needs. With our super friendly personal trainers and are fitness programs we guarantee that you’ll be losing weight and no time summation point and if you join today you’ll be able to join for only one dollar for your first month of personalized fitness training.

We started this company to help people just like you. We saw that there is a community of people who were unsatisfied with their current gyms and we set out to change that. We guarantee that you will find success here at Extra Myle Fitness. Within the first couple of months, you’ll begin to see a change in your physique. With the best Jenks personal training that our coaches offer they will push you to reach your goals while being supportive and friendly.

The reason we are considered to have the best Jenks personal training is that we cater to all of our members needs no matter what shape or size they are. If you are more of a timid person and would rather go with the traditional approach of one-on-one training with one of our personal trainers we have that option. Or if you like training with multiple people or with your close friends and family we have the small groups training program available as well. We keep the group small enough so that you’re able to have fun with your friends but still get the same amount of personal training that you would get from a one-on-one session. And if you play sports or training in order to play sports. We have an athletic section of training programs where you can train your stamina and endurance. Whatever your work niche is we can provide a great environment and space for you.

Don’t just take our word for our incredible services. We have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied members telling their stories of how they reached their fitness goals. One of our members named Heather has been steadily making progress on her fitness goal since November. She’s been able to lose 12 pounds and swung her waist down and asked to 3 1/2 inches. Not only that she has also got her blood glucose level to drop as well. She is now enjoying a healthier lifestyle thanks to Extra Myle Fitness. You could have your own incredible story just like Heather.

We hope they will take the time to come visit us at her location in Jenks or if you don’t have the time to drive down you can also take a look at our website to see all of the different amenities that we provide. If you think about signing up now would be the best time to do so while our one dollar for your first month motion is still going on. All you have to do is leave your phone and email in our contacts info tab and will get in contact with you about starting your path to your fitness goals today. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to accepting you into the house Extra Myle Fitness family.