Jenks Personal Training | can you train me for sports?

Are you looking for an amazing place that offers Jenks personal training in addition to of wide variety of other services? Are you an athlete who is needing help to get the most out of your ability? Extra MYLE Fitness will help to find solutions and answer any questions that you may have about fitness and health. We will offer a plan to combat any concerns that you may have while helping you to achieve the best results possible.

At Extra MYLE Fitness you will find that we offer athlete training in addition to Jenks personal training to have our customers to continue to develop and refine the skills that they need for specific sports. We understand that if you want to be the best at a sport or if you want to be one of the greatest, it takes a lot of time and effort and you need help from people that can help you develop the necessary skills. Our trainers and staff will take the time and effort to show you the best ways to become stronger, faster, and better at your sport.

There are many services offered at Extra MYLE Fitness for the benefit of our customers. Whether you are looking for one-on-one Jenks personal training, athlete training, or a wide variety of group fitness classes, you will find these available to you here. Who also help you to ensure that your body is getting the proper nutrition that it needs so that you can achieve these goals and find the best results. We provide meal planning to help designate the best foods for you to eat, the best portions that you should be eating, and an extensive list of what you should try to avoid.

You will find all the services and all the plans that we come up for customers are custom to accommodate their exact needs and to answer their specific questions. Again, our trainers and our amazing staff take the time to really get to know our customers that way their experience is personalized. Every person that comes through our door is a unique individual, which is why they need an individual plan to fit specifically them.

We want to help you to get the best service and highest quality training to reach your fitness goals. So come try out Extra MYLE Fitness that we will give you your first month for one dollar. We encourage you to visit our website at to get a better understanding about all the many services that we offer and to read the many testimonies from our customers.

Jenks Personal Training | promoting encouragement and community

Is it difficult for you to begin a finished journey or to stick to a workout plan on your own? Would you rather have a place where you can go that helps to create a community of encouragement supporters? At Extra MYLE Fitness we offer Jenks personal training that will help to alleviate any stresses that you may have about sticking to a fitness plan. Through the many services, training, and group classes that we offer we think you will feel right at home.

Extra MYLE Fitness offers a wide variety of group fitness classes which help in promoting community. We also know that with a community of supporters that helps to encourage our customers to continue on their finished journey and to stick to the plan that was made for them. This is delivered by our transformation program that we instill in our facility as a guide for what we want our gym to represent. Our staff always thinks that you and will always be prepared to help you or answer any questions that you may have.

Maybe you’re looking for more than group fitness classes and community, but are trying to find the best place for Jenks personal training. We are happy to let you know that we offer complete personal one-on-one training, athlete training, and meal planning and prep to accommodate your needs and goals. Our trainers create specialized programs to meet the needs of all of our customers whether they are needing help and athletics and sports for our wanting help to loose lay for bulk up. The goal of Extra MYLE Fitness is to help all of our customers to reach their fitness and health goals.

Unlike the experience that you will get at a traditional, big-name gym you will notice the unique atmosphere that we create at Extra MYLE Fitness. Through amazing service and with the help of our trainers taking extra time and effort to get to know our customers, we are able to create personalized fitness and health plans for customers to ensure that they reach their goals. These plans are customized for their exact specifications and only for their individual set of goals.

If starting at a gym with personal training, group classes, and help with meal planning for one dollar for the first month sounds like an amazing deal for you then check out Extra MYLE Fitness. We advise you to go to our website at to get a better understanding about the many services that we offer to our customers to help them with their fitness journey. Our great staff and trainers look for to helping you with the best service and to get the best results possible.