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Jenks Personal training at its finest is going to be easy for you to find at Extra Myle Fitness. Carrier going to be able to meet with a personal trainer is going to sit down with you and discuss your fitness goals. There also can be able to help you with a personalized meal plan that will give you all of the information that you need as far as what to purchase every week for your meals. You will also be receiving an amazing guide that will teach you the proper and most nutritious way to prepare your meals so that you are able to meet your fitness and weight goals.

With our customizable plans Jenks personal training available at Extra Myle Fitness is going to do it best to help you meet your goals. With a money back guarantee you are going to be assured that you have no risks when you use the program or abilities. You are going to be able to meet all of those goals that you have when it comes to weight loss or any personal training goals that you may have when it comes to where you would like to be and what you would like to achieve. Everything you can to have no limits when it comes to our services.

Whether you are looking to train for that marathon coming up in the fall or whether you want to lose weight and shed those holiday pounds we are going to be able to help you with that with the best Jenks personal training available. You will be so thrilled with all of our services you will be recommending asked all of your friends and you will be able to reach those goals without worrying about getting Plateau and being stuck there.

Tired of moving close around in your closet hoping to get back to the skinny jeans from high school? That is not going to be a problem when you use our services you will be able to find all of the clothing in your closet with either that again or it may even be too big. It will be time to go shopping for new clothing because nothing will fit in a good way. Make sure you check out all the services that we have to offer with our affordable special and scholarship program there are no excuses for you.

At at Extra Myle Fitness you’re going to be able to find all of the services that you are going to need to help you manage your weight and your help. Not only going to be a transformation it’ll be a complete lifestyle change. We do not encourage your new tidy with our programs you will simply be given instructions on what to eat and what not to eat. Go to our website at extra website to register for your first month of total body training for only one dollar. To not hesitate to check it out today.

Jenks personal training | training designed for you

All of our personal trainers are available at Extra Myle Fitness. Here you are going to find a Jenks personal training available to you an affordable rate. You will be able to find that we have a one dollar first month training program available so you no longer have excuses to to financing.

With Jenks personal training you will be able to see those results that you have been longing for. Have you put on weight to to the holidays here you are going to be able to shed those unwanted pounds and reach a goal that is healthy for you. We do not encourage you to look like a supermodel from Victoria’s Secret nor do we expect you to not eat anything. Here we will customize a plan specifically built for you. With our personal trainers who are going to be able to have it the most exceptional experience that you have ever had with any fitness program.

Our certified personal trainers will want to help you become the best you you can be. What are your goals are for weight loss or whether they are strictly athletic type goals you will be able to reach the fitness level you choose with our Jenks personal training. You’ll want to come and see us time and time again so you can experience the most phenomenal training available to help you be any expectation that you may have when it comes to your fitness.

We developed this fitness center to the lack of available services for people who needed additional help to reach the extra mile. We feel that the extra mile we go will help all people at all levels you are going to find that we have a scholarship program available for those who may not always be able to afford our services. After our first training at only a dollar for the first month you are going to find that we will be able to assist you in meeting all of those goals. While you are with us we will customize a food program for you. You will get a full list of things that you are going to be able to eat at a full list of things not to eat customized specifically for you and your allergies. If you’re one of those terribly picky people we will be able to work with that.

Be sure to go to our website at to get registered for your first month of training for only one dollar while you’re there be sure to check out all of our testimonials from happy clients who have had their bodies transformed by using our programs and our trainers. Whether you are looking for one-on-one individual personalized training or whether you are looking for a small group setting we will be able to assist you in reaching those fitness needs. Don’t delay this special may not last forever but you need to get healthy and to not let another day go by without checking us out.