Personal training Jenks | what gym officers discounts or scholarships?

Which gym offers discounts or scholarships? If you’ve ever asked this question we can proudly say that Extra Myle Fitness is here to help you reach your fitness goals, not only through physical assistance but through financial assistance as well. If you’re unable to afford the normal price of our gym membership we’ll be able to provide you with a scholarship so that you can attend our gym for the best personal training Jenks has to offer. And if you join now also get your first month of training for only one dollar.

Our goal is to help people like you reach their fitness goals by providing the best personal training Jenks and the surrounding areas have to offer. We realize that not everybody was getting the personalized attention that they needed at their current gyms so that is why we founded Extra Myle Fitness. Along with her scholarship opportunities and our first month one dollar deal, we make it as affordable as possible for you to get in shape. With our super friendly staff, we guarantee that you’ll feel right at home and our gym. We have such a great atmosphere that promotes healthy living.

Our personal trainers have gone through extensive training themselves on how to be the best possible. They are super friendly, super motivational, and very caring. They make it their personal goal to make sure that you succeed. With our numerous training programs that our trainers provide you will receive five far the best personal training Jenks has. We have three main training options for our customers. The first option being one-on-one personal training. Our second option is our small group training. The benefits for choosing the second option is you will be able to work in small groups with your friends and family, while still getting the personal one-on-one experience. And the third option is for athletes are looking to amp up their performance during their big game, we provide that through our athletic training. Another service that we provide the most gyms do not is a customized meal planning service. With our meal planning, we will teach you what kinds of foods are healthy and which are not. You’ll also learn which foods will give you different types of benefits and also creative ways to prepare them for even the pickiest eaters.

Extra mile gyms here to make your fitness goals come true just like we have for many of our members. Some of our members have even gone and asked to step and provided testimonials about archival service. If you are to our website we have a whole tab dedicated to his success stories of our members. Margaret is super pumped about her progress, she states that she is gone down to pant sizes since working with us. Another one of our members Margaux says that she is met three of her goals since being here. First goal being able to do the “beast crawl” on her own, the second is she has to reorder her bridesmaids dress for her sister’s wedding because now it’s too big for, and the third goal she reached was reaching the weight of under 190 pounds which she says she hasn’t been that small in three years.

All of our members have success stories just like Margaret’s and Margaux’s, and if you join you can get started on your own success story. We’d love to hear from you, and if you’re interested in becoming a part of the Extra Myle Fitness family go ahead and visit our website and leave your info in our contacts tab. That way we can get in contact with you and sign you up as soon as possible for you can start your fitness journey.

Personal training Jenks | where can I find a well-rounded gym?

We hear people ask the question a lot, “where can I find a well-rounded gym”? And if you’re looking for a gym that provides not only workout equipment but personal training and specifically designed fitness programs then you have come to the right place, my friend. Extra Myle Fitness has the best personal training Jenks offers. We have more to offer than your everyday gym. And we guarantee you’ll be more satisfied with our services then you could be at any other gym. If you join now we have a limited time offer of one dollar for your first month of personalized fitness training. So don’t wait and hurry on in to get started today.

We offer so much more than the average gym. Not only do we have the best personal training Jenks has, but we also provide nutrition wellness coaching, varying workouts and we have scholarships available. And if you are disabled or have an injury but still are wanting to get a workout we will tailor a specific workout plan T your personal physical ability. Our company guarantees results and we don’t have any registration fees. There is a slew of reasons why you should join our gym versus other gyms but that might take all day to go over. So if you have any questions just be sure to go to our website to get in contact with us.

It’s not easy maintaining excellence and having the best personal training Jenks has ever seen. We constantly coach our personal trainers and update our training methods for our fitness programs. So that we can provide you with the best experience possible that you will not find at any other gym. We want you to feel at home whenever you come to work out with us. We provide a great and positive atmosphere for our members so that nobody feels judged. Our fitness programs incorporate the latest techniques in the industry that way you get your results fast.

With hundreds of satisfied members, we have many reviews and testimonies telling all of the success stories of our happy members. To get a website and click on the success stories tab to view all of them. For example, Terry, a middle-aged woman, is very excited about her results. She lost 11 pounds and reduce her body fat content to 6.4%, incredible! She took full advantage of our diet planning service where we teach our members about what held foods you should be eating to give you that extra boost of energy and carry you out to your exercise. Jesus one example of the many successes that have come out of our gym.

With all of these reasons mentioned above and more, you should never go to any other mediocre gym ever again. We will always go above and beyond for our members and make sure that they get the service that they need. If you are looking to sign up good visit our website at and sign up today for one dollar. We would consider ourselves lucky to be stable to serve you!